UPDATES – November 1st Geneva Night Out

Here are a couple of changes to the Geneva Night Out schedule for November 1st, 2013 that aren’t reflected on the walkable map.

VENUE/ARTIST #8 – PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE: Sophie’s Place – 26 Linden Street The exhibit scheduled for Sharis Derma Technologies has been moved (due to space restraints) to Sophie’s Place at 26 Linden Street. Get to Sophie’s and enjoy a display of Calacas and Ofrendas, in honor of Días de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), from students at Geneva Middle School. Many thanks to Sophie Elkin for hosting our Student Artists for November!
VENUE/ARTIST #13 – Earthly Possessions Boutique
Note: the artist listed for this location on the November 1st, 2013 Geneva Night Out is incorrect. Artist Jenine McCann will have her beautiful acrylic paintings on display at Earthly Possessions Boutique.

Jenine McCann – Strokes of Colour


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