Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I be a participating location for one month/next month/a specific future month?
  • We ask locations to make a three month commitment to participate, and to pay a fee for inclusion on the map for that time frame. Because we are a small, volunteer organization with limited time and resources to design the map, promote the event, maintain our internet presence and manage finances, we’ve decided that it’s best to utilize this three month policy. Otherwise, with multiple locations potentially joining in for one month at a time, we could face difficulties in presenting a well-organized and successful event each month. If you’d like to participate during the next available three-month period, visit the ‘Locations’ section of the website, download the form and sign up.

  • I’d like to be a participating location. Will someone from Geneva Night Out contact me?
  • We aim to have as many participating locations as possible each month, but we don’t actively solicit locations to find participants. If you’d like to participate, please visit the ‘Locations’ section of the website and sign up!

  • As a participating location, am I required to schedule special activities or host an artist?
  • Participating locations are not required to schedule special events or host artists in order to participate. Any and all businesses are invited and encouraged to participate. Each location may choose whether or not to schedule special events or host artists. The only requirement for participation is for each venue to remain open, with no admission fee, from 5pm-8pm on the first Friday of each month.



  • Is Geneva Night Out a family-friendly event?
  • While we aim to provide as many family-friendly activities and artists at each Geneva Night Out, there may be some artists or activities some parents may not find suitable for children.

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