Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What types of artists are hosted by Geneva Night Out?
  • We are looking for artists representing every conceivable medium. Painters, photographers, poets, illustrators, jewelry makers, crafters, dancers, food artisans, and performers of all types are enthusiastically welcomed. If you have a skill and would like to give a demonstration or workshop, we’d be glad to have you, too! We aim to spotlight a compelling and eclectic mix of creative pursuits every month, so don’t hesitate to visit the ‘Artists’ section of this website and sign up!

  • I’ve never exhibited my art in public before and I don’t think I have enough experience to participate. Do you schedule ‘new’ artists for Geneva Night Out?
  • YES, absolutely! We’ve given many artists the opportunity to have their work shown to a larger audience for the first time. Geneva Night Out is not a competition; there are no judges and no pressure, so it is the perfect vehicle for artists to gain valuable experience. Some of our new artists have even sold some of their work and have been offered opportunities to exhibit in other places. If you’re still not sure if you’re ready, send us a note via our Contact page or send an email to info@genevanightout.org and we’ll be happy to support you with tips and everything you need to know about becoming a Geneva Night Out participating artist.

  • Do I have to be a resident of Geneva to be a participating artist?
  • No. Geneva Night Out welcomes artists of all kinds from across the Finger Lakes region. However, we do give priority to Geneva-based artists, and always aim to spotlight those artists first before offering spots to regional artists.

  • Can I display my art at the hosting venue for more than one night?
  • Geneva Night Out’s purpose is to assign an artist to a venue for the first Friday of each month, for a one-night event, with the artist setting up and removing his or her display on the same day. Each artist is free to negotiate with each venue if he or she would like to exhibit their work for a longer period.

  • I’ve had my art displayed at Geneva Night Out. Can I participate again?
  • Yes! However, our goal is to provide a different selection of artists each month, so if you’ve already had your work displayed at Geneva Night Out, there will be a waiting period before you are scheduled for your second Geneva Night Out. We also ask that if you are exhibiting your art for a second time, please bring as many new pieces as possible.

    One exception to the above ‘rule’ is that in the event that a scheduled artist makes a last-minute cancellation and no ‘new’ artists are available, we may ask a previously featured artist to return for a second Geneva Night Out in order to fill the empty slot.


  • Can I be a participating location for one month/next month/a specific future month?
  • We ask locations to make a three month commitment to participate, and to pay a fee for inclusion on the map for that time frame. Because we are a small, volunteer organization with limited time and resources to design the map, promote the event, maintain our internet presence and manage finances, we’ve decided that it’s best to utilize this three month policy. Otherwise, with multiple locations potentially joining in for one month at a time, we could face difficulties in presenting a well-organized and successful event each month. If you’d like to participate during the next available three-month period, visit the ‘Locations’ section of the website, download the form and sign up.

  • I’d like to be a participating location. Will someone from Geneva Night Out contact me?
  • We aim to have as many participating locations as possible each month, but we don’t actively solicit locations to find participants. If you’d like to participate, please visit the ‘Locations’ section of the website and sign up!

  • As a participating location, am I required to schedule special activities or host an artist?
  • Participating locations are not required to schedule special events or host artists in order to participate. Any and all businesses are invited and encouraged to participate. Each location may choose whether or not to schedule special events or host artists. The only requirement for participation is for each venue to remain open, with no admission fee, from 5pm-8pm on the first Friday of each month.



  • Is Geneva Night Out a family-friendly event?
  • While we aim to provide as many family-friendly activities and artists at each Geneva Night Out, there may be some artists whose work some parents may not find suitable for children. In those cases, the walkable map will include a notation next to the venue name to inform attendees that the work presented is intended for mature audiences.

  • With so many wineries nearby, will Geneva Night Out be scheduling wine tastings or pourings at future events?
  • Geneva Night Out does not solicit participation from wineries in the region. We have our hands full assigning artists to venues and promoting the event each month! However, wineries are free to contact and work with a participating venue for Geneva Night Out.

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